Building rehabilitation in Agarone


Location: Agarone
Original project year: Anni '90
Type of intervention: Redevelopment project, exterior works
New Year Project: 2018
Obtaining grants: No

Full description of the renovation and rehabilitation project for the exterior works to follow

External Cratteristics

roof sheet metal rehabilitation
complete renovation of facades
complete rehabilitation of reinforced concrete portions
Conservation treatment of metal surfaces, ferratines, railings
Conservation treatment of wood surfaces, eaves and ceilings
Conservation treatment of windows, French windows and wooden doors
terrace renovation, new resin floors and new glass parapets
Refurbishing metal slats, including motor-driven
motor awning makeover
Resurfacing outdoor water points, new piping
Rebuilding electrical system where necessary and setting up new lighting points
New exterior pavements and restoration of existing ones
arrangement of the existing garden, flower beds and fences

Internal Cratteristics

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