Complete renovation of a large terrace-garden in Ascona


Location: Ascona
Original project year: N.d.
Type of intervention: Roof-terrace-garden rehabilitation project, exterior works
New Year Project: 2014
Obtaining grants: No

The large terrace-roof, over 250 sq. m., belonged to a property divided into two owners

and had major problems with water seepage underneath.

Below it, in fact, there are commercial activities of particular value and importance, and here is one of the

reasons for timely and decisive action.

The work involved the complete removal of the present and now outdated waterproofing and insulation.

sti, as well as damaged in several places and absolutely in need of redoing.

In addition to the flat parts of the terraces, which were originally cultivated as lawns and with small-scale plantings,

there were planters of significant size that had several defects.

The project involved laying new waterproofing and insulating layers, then leaving it up to the two owners to choose

Of what materials to lay to complete the flooring, both for the terraces facing the apartments

Than for the larger part intended for a garden.

Our intervention ensured the control of the entire work phase, as mentioned, except for the laying

Of the final exterior paving, at the discretion, as mentioned, of the owners.

The project was favorably concluded having permanently resolved all the various issues that had created damage and understandable discontent for too long.

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